• Location: 60NM NW of Cape Reinga, In the Far North of North Island New Zealand
  • Cost: Per person for groups of 6 anglers, TBA soon.
  • Duration: 5 Boat days, live-aboard on Enchanter

Trip Dates for 2022:

We have secured and booked the following Prime dates for November 2022

06th November - 11th November 2022

12th November - 17th November 2022

These trips will be full packages inclusive of all meals on Enchanter and return road transfers between North Shore Auckland and Mangonui. These prices do NOT include International flights to and from New Zealand.

About the Three Kings Islands:

Based on the HUGE success of our pre-spawn Jigging trips to the Kings, these trips are designed for the JIGGING Specialist!!! Our trip dates are scheduled as the first trips of the 2022 Three Kings Season on Enchanter. By November, no fishing has taken place at the Three Kings Islands or surrounds for 6 months ensuring that the fish have not seen a jig or lure for over half a year. This also coincides with pre-spawn, heightened and aggressive feeding behaviour from trophy fish prior to the spawning season. 

The opportunity to box with MANY 30+kg, and more than a few 40+kg Yellowtail Kingfish on Enchanter, a magnificent 53ft boat with 8 berths. The Three Kings Islands are located in the Tasman Sea, 60 nautical miles to the NW of North Island, New Zealand and comprise many miles of islands, seamounts and ranges with rugged rocky sea beds and drop offs. Rising from 2000 metres to 40 metres. The islands consisting of the Three Kings Islands, and the Princes Group also provide opportunities to target BIG Yellowtail Kingies on surface lures such as Stickbaits, Poppers and Plugs

The strong currents excite the likes of Yellowtail Kingfish and provide an abundance of food for Hapuka, Bass, Bluenose and Trumpeter. There is also the chance of Yellowfin Tuna and Marlin, as well as the mighty Gladiator of the Sea - The Broadbill Swordfish!

Why so good?. The Three Kings are isolated and remote and not accessible to the daily recreational angler. It is a firm favourite with the world’s jigging specialists.  Each trip offers 5 fully catered nights on board Enchanter, with the most amazing Jigging you will ever have experienced. Representatives of Jigstar Africa will accompany guests on both trips.

We have Jigged and Popped the "Three Kings" with Lance Goodhew on Enchanter every since 2010, and every trip has provided some of the best fishing of our lives! 

For the full itineraries and reservations, please e-mail Linda Lillis on: or phone Linda on +27 (0)76 419 8216.