For Registered Users on your website, what level of Internet security is there, and how does this ensure my privacy?

     Jigstar Africa have purchased and implemented secure SSL Certification from Thawte Consulting for our www.jigstarafrica.co.za Domain. Thawte SSL Certificates are rated  amongst the most secure digital certificates available on the Internet. This ensures a high level of user privacy and security for both website visitors and ourselves. The Thawte Trusted Site Seal is located at the bottom center of all of our web-pages. Please click on the Thawte Secure SSL Seal to learn more about Secure websites.


    What benefits can I expect when registering on-line with Jigstar Africa? 

    You will receive periodic Newsletters containing trip reports, new tackle, tips and techniques and loads of other information of interest to the dedicated Jiggers and Poppers out there. These Newsletters will also include seasonal Special Offers on selected products. The Newsletters will not be over-bearing or too frequent, and should you at any stage wish to unsubscribe, each Newsletter sent will contain an "Unsubscribe" field to ensure that you do not receive unsolicited e-mail from us. Registration on the website will also ensure automatic entry for a few "Lucky Draws" we have planned for this year - and there will be some great prizes up for grabs!   


    What payment methods are there for purchasing equipment from Jigstar Africa on-line? 

    We support purchases with Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard) as well as direct bank transfers via secure EFT. Please note that on-line Credit Card purchases are  currently limited to customers residing within the borders of South Africa. For International customers, payment may be made via EFT or PayPal.


    When making on-line purchases, who processes the financial transaction, and where does my personal or banking information reside? 

    To ensure maximum protection for both our customers and ourselves, our on-line shopping system is seamlessly integrated with Payfast for secure on-line payment processing. Payfast is an industry leading payment processing service providing extremely high levels of  protection against unauthorised or fraudulent Credit Card use. Jigstar Africa has no access whatsoever to any personal or financial information submitted by the purchaser at any stage during the purchase process, or at any other time before or after the transaction is completed. For more information on the Payfast Payment Processing Service, please follow this link: http://www.payfast.co.za/c/std/credit-cards-buyer.


    Does Jigstar Africa have trading Terms and Conditions? What about Privacy Policy, Warrantees, Returns or Shipping? 

    Yes we do. Please view terms & conditions (link) below . It is important that anyone making an on-line purchase from Jigstar Africa has read, understands and agrees with the contents of this document. For on-line purchasing, a "check-box" stating that you have Read and Understood the contents of our Terms and Conditions will have to be "ticked" twice during the purchase and checkout process. This is relevent and in line with the new Consumer Protection Act that came into effect in April 2011.   

    Payment Methods

    We accept EFT. Credit Card & PayPal payments



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