Alutecnos Gorilla 12C

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    Alutecnos Gorilla 12C
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    Alutecnos Gorilla 12C - (Compact)

    Acknowledged as one of the BEST vertical jigging reels on the market, the Alutecnos Gorilla range is now available in Southern Africa.

    Small, powerful, elegant and immediately recognizable, this is the synthesis of the Albacore Gorilla reel. It has been constructed with no arbor for ease of cast. A twin-drag that can be set over 40 lbs for the Gorilla 12 and 12C, and over 45lbs for the Gorilla 20 still guaranteeing free-spool, and a 4.4:1 ratio that proves to be perfect with this high power yet concise size. It makes it possible to jig and wait for the fish to hit and pull the prey quickly on board that otherwise with conventional reels would be very difficult if not impossible to catch. Expressly designed and engineered for extreme deep-jigging, it stands out not only for its powerful and functional performance, but also for its elegant look, silver anodizing, bold drag release button and ergonomically designed handles. Albacore Gorilla reels, a masterpiece for the art of fishing

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