Sea Passion Peewee Flea 35g

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    Sea Passion Peewee Flea 35g (Micro Jig)
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    Sea Passion Pewee Flea 35g (Micro Jig)

    The Peewee Flea is a Micro Jig that can be used for both casting from the side or on the boat and Micro Jigging. These jigs have erratic actions on the retrieve, and it is also possible to make the jig do complete 360 degree spirals on the retrieve. This dynamic movement triggers a reaction bite from predator fish. These jigs are pre-rigged with top quality Japanese single assist hooks incorporating flash. All jigs feature lumo vertical barring on the top for maximum contrast, and the bottom features full lumo - most juvenile fish have vertical bars on their bodies. The bottom of these jigs are flat, with the top of the jig featuring a triangular profile for enhanced movement in the water.

    From the boat, these jigs are super effective for targeting smaller baitfish or livebait species (including pelagics such as Bonito, Kawa Kawa and Mackerel), and can be fished in depths from 3m to 20m. They are also super effective as casting lures from the side, for targeting shad, Pompano, Backtail etc. 

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