Sportube Series 1 Hard Rod Case

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    Sportube Series 1 Hard Rod Case
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    Sportube Series I Hard Rod Case

    The Sportube Series I Hard Cases provide the best protection possible for your fishing rods when travelling by air, land or sea. It is common knowledge that Baggage Handlers at airports are some of the most destructive forces known to mankind.

    Sportube Hard Cases (Variable Length) were initially developed for Snow Skiers and Snowboarders who travel regularly with high-value snow skis and boards. In-transit damages were dramatically reduced, and then musicians took an interest and started using Sportubes to transport their music instruments!

    Finally Anglers sat up and took notice of this, and when Yoichi Mogi of Carpenter stared using Sportube Hard Cases exclusively for his travels, we took notice as well! When transporting top-end rods (in some instances the “Bugatti” of rods) huge care is necessary to ensure the safe transport of extremely valuable rods.

    These are not some of those ”round jobs” whose hinges get destroyed after the 1st or 2nd trip? We have been down that road – there are 2 broken in our garage! At a few hundred bucks each, those tubes quickly lose their appeal!

    Using their Sportubes, Roy and Andre have transported their rods SAFELY to-and-from some of the toughest destinations imaginable, in Africa and Internationally! More than a year of “testing Baggage Handlers” and the results are 100% in favour of Sportube! Depending on Rod configuration and careful packing, it is possible to get 8-10 rods comfortably into each Sportube Series I!

    Both of the guy’s Sportubes boast numerous Transport “battle-wounds” without any damage to their rods! Both Sportubes still have MANY years of abusive transport and Rod PROTECTION left in them!

    They are light, strong, variable in length, lockable, have wheels for ease of transit between Airport Transfer Terminals, and provide the best protection possible for your Rod Investments.

    Sportube Series I Specs:

    • Adjustable Length:      1300mm-2100mm
    • Width:                          168mm (Interior Dimensions)
    • Depth:                          140mm (Interior Dimensions)
    • Weight:                        3.5kg
    • Construction:               High Density Polyethelene Plastic

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