JM Dual Bearing Alloy T-Bar

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    JM Dual Bearing Alloy T-Bar
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    JM Dual Bearing Alloy T-Bar Handle

    These amazingly comfortable T-Bar Handles, and the included NS shafts are manufactured from corrosion resistant Stainless Steel. The NS shaft also comes standard with 2 anti-rust bearings. Featuring a 14 degree gradient, and with the new NS shaft smoother" profile and design, it is easy to maintain high levels of Jigging or Popping activity without experiencing blistering or irritation on the palm of your reel hand. All this whilst maintaining superb comfort and excellent leverage when fighting a big fish.

    With a Dual Anodised" finish, they also look amazing!


    Reels Suitable for the JM T-Bar Handle:

    • Shimano Stella SW 4000-20000 (NS Shaft is included)
    • Shimano Twin Power SW 4000-12000


    JM Dual Bearing Alloy T-Bar Handle Specs:

    • Length:          98mm
    • Gradient:       14 degrees
    • Weight:          100g



    • Silver/Gold
    • Gold/Silver


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