2014 JM Monster Spool 16000

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    2014 JM Monster Spool 16000
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    2014 JM Monster Spool 16000

    Jigging Master Developed the JM 16000 monster spool for SHIMANO NEW STELLA SW 8000~14000 & NEW TWIN POWER 8000~12000 modification.Featuring 7 piece JM custom made CARBON MASH fiber washer + titanium drag plate ensures Powerful drag force to a Maximum of 37kg.The drag system is sealed to ensure better water-proofing, and maintain performance even whe the reel is wet.

    JM Monster Spool 16000 Specs:

    Line Capacity: PE5-400M, PE6-320M, PE8-250M

    Max Drag: 37kg

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