Jigging Master 2 Way Compact Plate

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    Jigging Master 2 Way Plate
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    Jigging Master Two Way Design Fighting Plate

    Jigging Master AG innovation comes to the fore yet again! For use with or without gimbal-nocked rods, the new Patented JM 2 Way Design Fighting Plate is designed for hard-core Jigging and Popping and most other angling disciplines as well. This fighting plate has been designed for use both on the boat and from the shore.

    Ultra-light, comfortable and adjustable in seconds - this is what Jigging & Popping customers have been asking for. Finally, a fighting plate that is truly multi-functional.

    Efficiency, weight, performance and comfort in one package. The Patented Two Way Fighting Plates can be used with a conventional belt, or with the Jigging Master Premier Fighting Belts which provide added comfort and lumbar support.

    The best new innovation for 2012 has arrived!

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